It has been a slow couple of weeks around here mostly because I was out of commission for a good deal of that time with some digestive unpleasantness. Sucky, suck, suck is all I am going to say about that.

In the middle of that though, there was a ray of sunshine in the form of our old friend Alan!! He dropped in for a couple of days on his way to Italy for a wedding. Unfortunately we were not at our best, but fortunately, Alan is awesome and is fabulous with the girls so it actually went well, considering.

One Wednesday, Alan and I were chatting and reminiscing about some old adventures. He was talking about how he’ll be going back to Florence for the first time since he and I were there over New Years many years ago. Ironically, his memories of that city are extremely limited because he got food poisoning the day we arrived. After seeing how I was feeling, he remembered how miserable he was at the time. As if Karma saw an opportunity, I kid you not, Thursday morning, I woke up with what seemed a lot like food poisoning (on top of the end of a stomach virus)!

So, just to clear the Karma, Alan, I hereby deeply, deeply apologize because I should have taken a LOT better care of you while you were sick in Florence rather than letting you suffer and enjoying myself with everyone else!!! :-) Even before Karma knocked me upside the head, I reflected upon that trip with some regret over how I reacted to the situation. I hope you can forgive me dear friend, seriously.

Anyway, before the Karma kicked my ass, we had a few nice hours.

Alan had the very important job of seeing and playing on ‘Clair’s’ playground, the one near our house.

swinging with the girls

Clair showed Alan how to throw stick in the Danube, and he tried to teach her how to skip stones.
Clair shows Alan the Danube

He played a lot with Clair, especially. She took to him immediately, which is very unlike her when it comes to men she doesn’t know well. When she woke up Thursday morning and he was gone, she put her head on the bed and whined, “I love Alan.” You are missed, Alan.

Alan the nannie

Matthias and I also had a great time catching up. Alan was going on and on about a book called, “You are your own gym”, which we not have on the iPad and are checking out. I am far too weak to do any of the programs yet, but in about a month, I may try it. In th mean time, Alan and Matthias are virtually training together and commiserating over sore muscles.

We are so, so lucky to have so many awesome people in our life like Alan.