We are back in Germany after 2 months in the States.

It has been so long since I’ve done really traveling that I had forgotten one of the best parts for me, sometimes, is coming home. There is a lightness that happens when I realize that I have forgotten many of my own habits! There is a bit of a wonderful sense of confusion when I arrive in a new place or return to my home after a long time away. Everything feels fresher.

I can’t find things in my own house (and I am the one who keeps the mental map of all of our stuff). I forget the place I ALWAYS put my purse when I get home. I forgot that we take our shoes off when we come in. We have to raise and lower the external blinds (totally forgot about that). I am certain that I will go out without my keys or something in the next week because I am slightly confused about the location of my stuff.

However, some things feel exactly the same. I got into the car this morning, and I was surprised to feel completely comfortable in our tiny stick shift as opposed to my dad’s huge truck. Almost the entire time driving an automatic, I kept feeling that my right hand needed to be doing something more every time I turned. And, Our bed!!! I have missed our bed with the temurpedic mattress topper – wonderful even if I haven’t actually slept much in it yet.

Since it is the beginning of a new year, I will take advantage of this and see about letting go of old habits and rediscovering new ones. Looking forward to how that unfolds in the new year.

That all being said, it will take us a week to unpack and clean!! Not looking forward to that part of things, but it is totally worth it to have such an amazing relaxing vacation in the warm sunshine.

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  1. Glad you all made it back in one piece! Hope to see you soon :)

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