I was at the pool earlier today. The pool has become more therapeutic than ever as the baby and I grow. She sits low in my belly, and her little butt has a way of making it really uncomfortable to do anything that involves moving my legs around. When I am in the water though, she floats a little higher, and it feels AMAZINGLY good. The only down side of the pool is that I really feel the extra 25 pounds or so that have put on as I step out of the water. It feels like someone is stacking lead bricks on me with each step. It is the strangest sensation but totally worth the relief I get from being in the water.

In other news, I have a new nickname for the blob – my little Steisslage. Steisslage means breech in German (my pregnancy vocabulary is growing rapidly). We have tried a lot of different things to turn her in the past few weeks, but she is quite happy where she sits. My last effort was with an osteopath yesterday. I think the baby made a new best friend because he gently manipulated her position for almost an hour. She seems to respond when anyone puts their hands on my belly so she was wiggling in his hands the whole time and seemed to enjoy it. He said she seemed to start turning a lot and then would turn back (which is what I have noticed her doing as well). Perhaps the girl has good reason not to flip all the way around. After meeting with the doctors and midwives, we are going to go ahead and do a breech birth – unless she decides to turn on her own. The hospital we are going to specializes in them (the only on in the area), and the baby has good proportions for such a delivery. I really appreciate that she has a small head!

I think she is just trying to be like her uncle Mark who also came into the world butt-first (I won’t comment on what that implies about Mark’s personality :-) ). Plus, I get to share the experience of a breech birth with my mom, which she doesn’t wish for me, but sometimes life gives you the experiences you need to have rather than the ones you planned for.


  1. Any blog with the word “coffee” in the title, a photo of Yosemite, and mention of Germany is an IMMEDIATE favorite! :-) Found you via Christina… can I stay?


  2. Welcome Carol!

  3. Wish you the best of luck Tammy!! Still got some time I believe where she can still turn. Btw, this is your old Elementary school friend, Jennifer!! :)

    Gratz on everything!! lol

  4. Jen!! Hey! Welcome to our little world. Send me an email and tell me what is happening in your life!

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